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Welcome to ServerSpot


ServerSpot is the best in its class as the provider based on a procurement solution for information technologies and communication products updated and the leader in the industry for the recovery of servers in the region.

SERVERSPOT uses modern facilities for the storage and uses computer innovative equipment for the treatment of the material. We have taken a position of leadership with a strong commitment to the quality of our products and the environment.

We post impressive successes by working in partnership with suppliers of computer products as well as public companies.

Do you have technological equipment that has been shelved due to insufficient memory, a defective part or simply because it is no longer used? Our qualified technicians can restore this removed material operations and transform it into refurbished assets.

SERVERSPOT has evolved to become a leader in providing technological asset management solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly and working with clients to determine the best process of recovery and recycling of trade electronics. Our processes are designed to efficiently use resources of surplus electrical and electronics by reclamation and reuse or recovery of materials used in manufacturing.

Security is a key component of the services that we offer for your data. Our security systems are designed to provide maximum protection for inbound or outbound, products 24/7 supervision, access control, video surveillance, etc. We ensure that confidential information on your hard drives are never compromised.


New to ServerSpot:

ServerSpot sets up 2 new distribution center to accommodate you.

A first center will be opened for April 2017, open on weekends in Brossard area.

A second center will be opened in May 2017, open 6 days a week in the greater Suroit region.

These 2 centers can be reached at the same telephone number (438 792 0702) or by e-mail, you will be automatically redirected at your request.



ServerSpot adds a new quality product to its already extensive inventory, VOIP  and Clouding Services affiliated with Ouebe Solutions