In response to your specific needs, ServerSpot offers a complete range of products and remanufactured solutions at very attractive prices. Our products provide the same performance and the same reliability as their new counterparts, but for a lower price.

Our products are guaranteed 100% for 30 days and more on certain items. All products are checked through a comprehensive process of remanufacturing. It is only in this way that they are allowed to be put up for sale.

Your company wants to implement a new computing platform? Or to change an existing platform? To meet the needs of this type, turn to our full range of remanufactured solutions.

With ServerSpot, you can focus on a sustainable choice and relieve the planet. By facilitating the redeployment of remanufactured products, you extends their useful life and avoids placing at disposal, you have a cost-effective solution perfectly adapted to your needs and reduce your environmental footprint.

All servers are available under other specifications (CPU, memory and hard drives) and in quantity. just write us about it.