Installing software to the systems manually is the most time-consuming job. ServerSpot  allows you to built a software packages for your needed. The software can gets installed in your computers without your intervention.

ServerSpot distributed OEM software
This guide will provide you, the OEM Distribution & Reseller, with the information you’ll need to successfully understand and manage Microsoft software licenses. It will explain the ways OEMs can acquire genuine Microsoft software, how that software can be distributed, and the value of pre-installing genuine Microsoft software. It will also answer common questions concerning licenses.

 Who are OEM Distributors and Resellers?
An original equipment manufacturer (OEM), assembler, refurbisher or pre-installer of software on computer systems who sells the system to an end user or third party.
Microsoft offers operating system, application and server software for distributors and resellers to sell to end customers or to pre-install on systems. The OEM Distribution & Reseller Channel is designed to make it easy to acquire and distribute genuine Microsoft software.

ServerSpot install Linux & all kind of software
Performed by experienced industry experts, our software assessment and consulting services help you design more user-centric products, mitigate architectural and design risks and solve critical development bottlenecks.

Software Assessment & Consulting Services
On-Demand Software Support Packages
Application Porting/Store Strategy
User Experience Analysis as a Service for Intelligent Devices
Cross-Platform Strategy
Cloud Strategy
               O Holistic Security Assessment
               O Platform Hardening Analysis

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